These are our Top 10 best Hotels in the world

Luxury has its price. But if you stay in one of the best hotels in the world, this price is justified.

At we try to inform travellers exactly what they get before they arrive by publishing comprehensive, honest photos and expert reports (as a hotel critic of I should know for myself).

But while we try to make it as easy as possible for you to choose a hotel, we know that sometimes it’s daunting to find out what you want and what information you need to pay the most attention to.

Yes, it may seem like a lot to do, but we all know the stress, disappointment and frustration of sleeping in a hotel that is not what you expected.

That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to list this Top 10 list for our readers:

Amstelvlietstraat 4, 1096 GG AmsterdamReview9.8Book!
nám. Curieových 1/100, 110 00 Staré MěstoReview9.8Book!
Estrada da Quinta do Lago, 8135-106 AlmancilReview9.8Book!
Via Annunziatella, 46, 84011 Amalfi SAReview9.6Book!
Via Roma, 2, 84010 Conca dei Marini SAReview9.6Book!
Chaussée de Tervuren 198, 1410 WaterlooReview9.5Book!
Oia 84702, Thira 847 02Review9.0Book!
A851, Sleat, Isle of Skye IV43 8QYReview8.8Book!
Ouranoupolis, 630 75Review8.7Book!
Althoff Grandhotel Schloss BensbergKadettenstraße, 51429 Bergisch GladbachReview8.4Book!

If you don’t know what you want from a hotel, how can you ever hope to find the right one for you? Before you search for accommodation, make a short list of the things you need for a good night.

  • Is it a free breakfast?
  • Do you feel more comfortable in a smaller, intimate accommodation with staff who will know your name?
  • Are you ready to show off for some luxury?
  • Do you like old-fashioned decoration, business rooms or exaggerated interior design?

To get to the point, first think about what you want in terms of price, basic hotel amenities and location.

From there you can then branch to things like the history of a property, environmental practices and the personality of a place like “party vibe” or “romantic atmosphere“.

Once you have a good understanding of what you are looking for reviews can help you determine whether a property matches your exact wish list or not.

eakfast. And you should always check to see if any costs are associated with these amenities.

You don’t want to arrive at the hotel, provided that Wi-Fi would be free, only to find that it costs a fee (yes, there are still many places that charge for this basic convenience).

Check our ratings for this information and call the hotel or email to see if you’re still worried.